Picture it, you've been asked to attend an interview but...

  • it's been years since you had a job interview

  • you're being interviewed by a panel

  • it's your dream job so you want to make the best impression

We will assist you to prepare and develop the skills to adapt to differing interview styles and situations including meeting with recruiters, and interview panels.

It can be difficult to work out why you are not getting the job when you have attended an interview, after all being asked to attend an interview is the tough part. Don't let your confidence be effected, it may just take a few tweaks or some additional preparation tips. 

Most people with some employment experience will feel confident attending interviews after one coaching session. We are skilled at identifying where you would benefit from some conscious changes to your style in interview situations.


interview skills coaching

$120 for the first hour, $80/hr thereafter - book your service now

This service includes a one hour interview conducted via Skype or over the phone.

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