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Resume cost

the money questions

How can I pay?
We accept:
direct deposit
* ensure you include your name as a reference for payments via direct deposit (account details provided by email)
* by prior arrangement we accept cash for face to face appointments
credit card
* we offer secure payments via Paypal so you can use your credit card for your services. (see form to right of this page)

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Why do I need to pay up front?
As a fee for service business we require payment before commencing work on your request.

Are Role Ready services tax deductible?
Resume services can often be tax deductible, we recommend you contact your Accountant to establish whether you are eligible. If you are a business our other services may also be tax deductible.

resume questions

the resume questions

What if I’m not sure whether I would benefit from a professionally written resume?
Call for a free consultation, we will listen to your current situation, discuss your future career goals and work with you to find the right solution for you – based on your needs.

What roles or industries does Role Ready Career Services specialise in?
We have written resumes for a wide range of occupations. For instance trades including Mining, Electrical, Plumbing and Construction, Office Support & Administration, Staff Management, Sales, Accounting, Government positions and Executive roles.

How will the resume interview be conducted?
We can conduct your interview over the phone within Australia (landline or mobile), via Skype internationally or face to face within the greater Brisbane area.

Where can we conduct your face to face interview?
We are happy to meet you at a mutually agreed location such as a coffee shop.

Why should I invest in a resume?
A professionally written resume is based on an objective third party’s interpretation of your skills, knowledge and experience. Many people find it difficult to analyse themselves and may fail to recognise transferable skills. Having us involved will highlight your strengths and present them professionally, increasing your chances of being selected for interview. 
We also have experience from the recruiter and employer perspective so have up to date knowledge of what will capture the reader’s interest and what is best avoided. In addition, we stay informed about current trends via online groups and discussions, meaning you don’t have to.

What do I need to bring or send for the resume interview?
We will need to sight copies of your qualifications and any versions of your resume you already have will assist.

How is my resume created?
We write your resume based on the information you provide during your resume interview. Whether conducted over the phone, Skype or in person we will ask you questions designed to discover the detail required to write a professional resume. We will then create your resume and provide you with a proof within 2-3 business days.

What will happen during my resume interview?
Regardless of how your interview is conducted we will be asking you about your:
employment and/or voluntary work experience history: companies, titles and start & finish dates
skills: transferable, role related, specialist and interpersonal
qualifications: secondary, tertiary, courses completed; where and when

What will be included in my resume?
Your resume will include:
Career Summary or Objective: this is an introductory paragraph that highlights your career highlights to date or states your career goals 
Key Skills: relevant skills gained and listed in structured format
Career Overview: tabulated to provide a quick career insight. This is designed to encourage the recruiter or potential employer to read further
Employment record: designed to highlight your achievements and value to your next employer
...and more of course!

What do I do with my proof?
This is your opportunity to check the details and content and let us know if you would like changes or alterations made. You can ask for two revisions within 30 days of receiving your first draft.

How will I receive my final resume?
You will receive a copy of your resume, in MS Word and as a PDF, via email to your nominated address. This will allow you to update and alter via Word and use the PDF version to send your resume electronically. If you would like your resume created in Publisher please request this at interview stage.

Can I ask Role Ready to make changes at a later date?
Absolutely, if you have purchased your resume through us in the past we will charge you a reasonable hourly rate to update your resume for you at any time in the future.

What if I need my resume sooner than the standard 2-3 days?
You can purchase the Rapid Resume service and receive your resume within 24 hours starting from the time you provide payment and an electronic copy of your current resume. Request this service by calling our team.

What happens after I receive my resume?
You may decide you would benefit from interview skills coaching or career coaching or perhaps you need a cover letter, selection criteria or online profile.

We offer these services at 20% off the standard rate to our former clients. Please arrange your discount by calling our team.

What is Role Ready’s privacy policy?
We comply with the Privacy Act of 1988 - read our policy

Still have a question?

If you have a question not answered above please call  us on 07 3493 1087 or email us and we will answer it for you!