Role Ready Career Services is proud to partner with The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

On a regular basis we donate funds to purchase books as part of the Share-A-Book program, contributing to community literacy levels into the future.

About ALNF

ALNF raises funds to continue to develop, implement and sustain innovative literacy programs for individuals, families and communities.

ALNF was founded in 1999 by Mary-Ruth Mendel and Kim Kelly, who are passionate about helping people in Australia’s most marginalised communities gain literacy skills. 

People who have difficulty reading and writing suffer from shame, poor self-esteem and negative life experiences. They also lack access to many opportunities that most of us take for granted. ALNF exists to help these people by raising literacy levels in Australia’s most marginalised communities. Through six core programs and a number of one-off community projects, ALNF provides funding, training, support and resources to individuals, families and schools.

Since its establishment ALNF has won the 2006 Best Community Project Award at the Ethical Investor’s 6th Australian Sustainability Awards for the design and delivery of their First Language Reading Course to Indigenous community members. In 2007 ALNF was awarded the University of Western Sydney Partnership Award for its Human Action Support program. The following year Mary-Ruth Mendel was named as one of four finalists in The Australian of the Year Awards – Local Hero Award NSW.

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