Sometimes you want to go all out to secure a role so we offer extra services to make sure you are a standout...



cover letters

Cover letters are generally not mandatory these days but if an employer requests one it is best to ensure that it will back up your resume. 

It needs to relate to the role and address the more personal details and attributes that make you 'you'.

quick cover letter    

$80 - arrange this service
a generic cover letter that you can amend to suit specific roles

role specific cover letter 

$110 - arrange this service
a custom built cover letter for your ‘dream’ role
Supply us with the job ad and we will address the key criteria to demonstrate your strengths and suitability.

selection criteria

Used for many government roles, writing selection criteria is a specialised field and requires dedicated attention and experience. 

Government Resume: $295
arrange this service
Application letter (2 pages): $320
arrange this service
Six Selection Criteria: $480
arrange this service

Includes one hour consultation via phone or skype to gather information.


curriculum vitae

A CV or curriculum vitae covers your entire career path. Chronologically longer than a Resume, which generally covers only the last 10-15 years of your career, a CV is often used by Academics, Scientists and those in careers that require evidence of research projects and published articles

$395 - arrange this service

Includes one hour consultation face to face to gather information.

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