The value of being ready to roll…

In my last blog post I wrote about a young man who’d achieved a fantastic result with his Role Ready resume in only one day. I mentioned how much value there can be in getting your application in early – like really early – like being ready to roll as soon as the job is advertised.

Timing can be everything. As we always mention to our clients, the best chance you can ever give yourself is to be on the top of the heap – meaning that you have your coverletter and your resume ready to go and your eye on the relevant job websites, so that as soon as that job is posted, you are hitting the APPLY NOW button. You could be the perfect candidate, but if you’re not getting seen, or if the ad is quickly taken down, then all that time and cost can be wasted. We suggest the first 24-48hrs will give you best window of opportunity. In the current job market, the sheer volume of applicants within the first 3-5 days can be staggering.

An article published by The Courier Mail on February 16th Brisbane jobs: Business pulls ad in 24 hours after overwhelming response, tells this story first hand from the perspective of two different employers…150 applicants on day one is 149 more than they’ll need. The outtake from all this is the old boy scout motto – be prepared. Once you’ve made the decision that a job change in on the cards, don’t wait – get your resume written or updated so that you’re ready to roll. 

And if you need some help? Give us a call. We’re ready too.